Killer Tornadoes, and nobody mentions it?

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  1. WTF?

    You know, 300+ killed-not a word?

    Lucrum, you said you were in Georgia, close but no cigar?

    What gives, debunked birther claims are more newsworthy than killer tornadoes?
  2. Jerry Faldwell is dead.
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    I hate to quote Bearice the notorious ET poster

    But God does seem to be angry :D

    I personally think this is nothing what's really coming to Good Ol USA
  4. God Sends Obama An Easter Message And he's not happy!

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  5. I feel terribly for the people in the south, what a historic and devastating event.
  6. USA will make it through ok. Might hit some bumps along the way but we'll make it out the other end stronger than ever.

  7. Lucrum


    My immediate area was spared, one of my sister-in-laws mother's home was demolished and her daughters back broken if that makes you feel any better. Same sister-in law used their basement as a shelter for neighbors since so may of their homes were wrecked. My daughters home is still without power last I heard.
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    Don't pay any attention to the freak. Anyway, sorry to hear about your relatives.
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