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  2. very low resolution for a widescreen...still pretty much a bargain.

    thx for the link
  3. i skipped this monitor. from my research from reviews online, people were saying that its viewing angle(when turned vertically) is relatively poor. i was planning to run it vertically. I was gonna go for the dell's instead.

    i saw this monitor at a cheaper price after rebate elsewhere

  4. 1680x1050 is the standard size for a wide screen 20, 21, 22.

    1600x1200 is the standard size for a "business" 4:3 20inch lcd screen

    1400x1050 is low for a 20. there are low priced 20's out there with this solution. my laptop sport that resolution at 14inch viewing area.

  5. you'll be waiting for a long while...

    17's bottemed around 100. i remember the time 17 CRT at around 100ish. That's when LCD was starting to become popular. Since the 17-19LCD are sold in the 100-200 range, what types of technologies are out there "just about" to replace the LCD? I've heard of the laser LCD, but I have not seen them on the store shelves....

    It does cost the manufacturers to make those panels. Prices can only drop so far before manufacturing margins gets closer to 0.

    That's why you see can purchase 20-30$ DVD players. and they will not sell it to you below that (unless its a store loss leader) Last time I've heard, the manufacturing margin on those were at $1. (That was 2years ago)

    Larger the viewing area = less yield.

  6. If you are going to view it vertically, you'd better be sure to avoid TN panels. ALL of the cheap gamer monitors have them, no matter the brand. You'll want to get one with some sort of VA or IPS panel... they are more expensive.

    The Dell 2007WFP comes with either an SPVA or SIPS panel. Unfortunately reps don't know which monitor has which panel... it will probably be "pot luck" for you if you buy one, but either will be good viewed vertically.

    Samsung 215TW also has SPVA.
  7. i think 20 inch monitors will fall udner $300 soon but dells 1907 ultra sharp has fallen very little in the past year or more. iw ant that bad boy 30 inch from aaple its awesome
  8. Just a side-note. The Dell 2005FPW does not support contrast adjustments when in DVI mode: the Front Panel Buttons

    So you might want to be aware of this when buying any monitor. Just because it says it has 700:1 contrast ratio doesn't mean that it's available in DVI mode, or whatever. Read the documentation before buying!

    Also, Dell now has a 20-inch wide-screen monitor for $260

    Their "better" widescreen 20-inch monitor is $100 more ($360), although I don't see any really big difference between the two monitors to account for the $100 price difference.

    Hope these links work, lol.

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