Killer of American Special Forces Executed!

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  1. When will we see the new Nazis like Sharon revived and executed by a death squad?

    During the 1956 joint British, Israeli, and French invasion of the Suez Canal, Sharon and his lifelong collaborator in mass murder, Rafael Eytan, carried out another horrific war crime: In three separate incidents, Sharon- and Eytan-led units murdered Egyptian prisoners of war, as well as civilian Sudanese workers who had been captured. All told, 273 unarmed prisoners were executed and dumped into mass graves. When the story broke, nearly 40 years later, in the Aug. 16, 1995 London Daily Telegraph, it nearly ruptured Israeli-Egyptian relations.
  2. You know your problem Hamas Man Sameeh.
    You keep your head in the Qur'an and the Hadiths too much.

    Believe it or not this is not the age of Saladin and the Crusades.

    If you want to find your war criminals you are looking in the wrong place.

    Your war criminals are predators. They savor blood.

    There is no blood in military planning and politics. Leave the generals and the politicians alone.

    Come after the fighters if you want to find your war criminals.

    Accept my challenge at or stick your tail between your legs and take a ride with your Hamas Special Forces here Hamas Use UN Ambulance to Exit Field of Battle
  3. The MAIN problem is Israeli government factions helped to START hamas. THEY selected very radical types to challenge and create asymmetrical conflict with hezbollah.

    Now look at the mess the region has to deal with.....typical pathetic plan that makes you wonder who really NEEDS this conflict to CONTINUE!!! :eek:
  4. Judaism and Islamism are fundamentally incompatible. It will continue until Islamism is wiped off the face of the earth -- just like Nazism for all practical purposes was wiped off the face of the earth.
  5. You are a pawn minion who has been CONNED by your masters into a tract of beliefs TRAINED to you for their manipulative purposes! :eek:

    ENJOY the intellectually VACANT PATH you are on in life! :eek:
  6. I am enjoying it immensively especially from I make you cowardly peons angry at me.
  7. LOL, so the alleged incident took place 53 years ago and the best evidence you've managed to come up with is an article by a Criminal, Antisemite and Neo-Nazi

    Way to go Ahmed.