Kill the uptrend, Georgie!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Well, so much for the uptrend that started at 13:00...

    every time he opens his mouth -- SELL!!!
  2. taodr


    Bung, Just think the man's going to take over Iraq, next it will be Iran, then Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. If Georgie Boy gets reelected the Dow will end up 100 and nasdaq 8. I'm not anti Bush , I just think he should concentrate within the US border and fuck the rest of the world.
  3. taodr - didn't you see the newest directive? they aren't "taking it over," they're "liberating oppressed iraqis"

    wonder though if the market is feeling oppressed by the further oppression of US citizens paying oppressive taxes due to retaliatory terrorism and global hatred, and the future oppression of the oppressed citizens' kids with another 100 billion in oppressive debt. :p
  4. Ah yeah!

    We sold it through the lows thanks to you, Georgie!!

    Rip it baby!

    PS - Moderator, I'm not trying to be a whiny bitch like Vinny, but I think that we could move this back to the trading forum, or at least Strategy Trading. Shorting the market during Greenspan or Bush speeches is a perfectly legitimate strategy. I, of course, would like to see this thread in the Trading forum, because the most people will see it that way, and we can have an intense discussion about it, where the liberal members - myself, madison, rs7, et al. will go HEAD TO HEAD against those red conservatives, whose names I don't have to mention here because there are so friggin' many of them.
  5. hilarious.

    libs are the greatest.. lol

  6. taodr


    Don't forget Georgie has it over his head the first terrorist strike on US in his first term. He doesn't want to be remembered in American history that he was a wimp towards terrorism. He already has it written he stood up to criminals in Texas and BAKED them quickly.
  7. taodr


    I was wondering..... do you think old Georgie has any energy left for sex ?
  8. he's no Bill Clinton, you know...
  9. I think he did it again today, took out the lows Live on Bloomberg!
  10. what uptrend?
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