Kill the Ground Zero Mosque TV Ad

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    Guys, check this out. They want to build a mosque in ground zero in New York.

    A Muslim has pointed out that legally and Constitutionally, they are allowed to build the mosque. OK, fine. But how did the Muslims aquire the right to build? Why wasn't the right given to the Christians, or a corporation? Why on earth was it given to the Muslims?
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    Actually while many muslims in USA are peaceful;
    Islam is not a peaceful religion.

    And since the words '' endowed by our creator'' is in the original document;
    that should rule out any moque/religion which does not even want an equal tax rate for what they call '' infidels'':cool:

    So, bottom line not ok, not fine;
    but thanks for you post:D

    Lets see Saudi Arabia, allow churches /synagogs......:cool:
  3. On December 10, 1893 at 11AM, the Muslim call to prayer (adhan), called five times a day throughout the world wherever praying Muslims are found, could be heard three stories above New York City’s famed Union Square. This was the same call, which, by the appointment of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), had been first called and perfected centuries before by Bilal the Abyssinian ex-slave and reportedly seventh person to embrace Islam. The “melodious” call, carefully documented in a 200-plus word New York Times article published December 11, 1893, came from the third-story window of the Union Square Bank building at 8 Union Square East.


    There's another in midtown that is old, I can't remember what street.

    Point being. Muslims have been around NYC, longtime.

    As far as this Mosque project goes, yikes, wish they wouldn't.

    Everyone in this country has an "in your face" attitude.
  4. funny how christians are only for "freedom of religion" if it benifits them. hypocrits.
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    I do not live and manhattan and I really do not care if they build a mosque near ground zero.... .

    But, if I lived there and someone started hitting my eardrums with a screechy call to prayer... I would hit them with a nuisance suit in 24 hours... and I would take to the Supreme Court.

    If someone wants to complain about bells on the hour on sunday... feel free to file.
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    Kill the mosque or kill the TV ad? :confused:
  7. It's brutally insensitive for Muslims to even suggest building there.

    It's unconscionable such a thing would be allowed... unless, of course, it involves some big money to somebody...
  8. Well let's just say if it happened to burn down every month and someone was accused of arson: I'd never vote to convict 'em of anything more than a littering charge.
  9. Do you know who Thomas Jefferson is? Do you recognize this sentence:

    "Well aware that Almighty God hath created the mind free."

    Why in there there is Almighty God, but not Jesus Christ, as some wanted after reading Thomas Jefferson version, and where did Thomas Jefferson get that formulation? Hint: Thomas Jefferson was a reader of the Quran (his Quran copy was donated to the library of Congress). I once had a chance to read Adams comments in his library, and the founding fathers exchange on Napolean and the Quran.

    I personally think that it would be great if a center of worship for all religions could be built in there. Would it not be great to have a place in America where all services of worship could be given? It would be a unique experience sessions for each religion in one convenience.

    It could also become a great tourist place, and bring money, fame, and a model example of tolerance for the world from America that can be replicated elsewhere.

  10. There is a reason we didn't let the japs build a shinto shrine next to the "Arizona" at Pearl.

    Besides these fu(kheads want to celebrate opening or dedicating on 9/11 (afaik).
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