Kill switch for U.S. internet may impair commerce

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  1. commerce? it is far from the truth. there is a reason why it is bipartisan. the kill switch will come in handy when you have about a million angry citizen marching onto DC. :eek:
    when SHTF we are no different than what is happening in egypt.
  2. At first glance, my first reaction was similar..i.e. the kill switch would be an ideal way to de-centralize any anti-governmental organization...but you have to re-think that premise. The US has far too much invested in e-commerce and the "e-economy" for a kill switch to basically cripple alot of these companies. I'd guarantee there is enough lobbyist effort to reach a watered down compromise that would just target specific sites, not a widespread kill switch.
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    Any government that would want or need such a switch is a dictatorship.
  4. I just wonder how smart shutting down the internet was though - that is a sure way to get people to be mad, bored, and running into the streets looking for something to do.

    If they were smart, they would have had govt. workers pretend to be normal bloggers supporting the people, but trying to get people to be reasonable and even getting people claiming to be reporters saying things like "I hear...the President is willing to hold elections..."... blah, blah and then just keep dragging it on for months and years, etc.

  5. As the health services become more dependant on the internet a generic kill switch will cost lives.

    Should be restricted to shuting down blog/social networking/email websites, that probably includes ET :p
  6. Think of internet as a big world, a cyber world - just like our "offline" world.

    Now if someone will be planning to to put a switch to kill off connections or access, its like a country that is preventing its citizens to go out or denying visitors.

    I disagree, this is not democracy at all. Except if you used to live with communist and dictatorship ideals.

    IF there is a threat, handle it like what any country is supposed to do when its attack - either fight back or create an out of this world cyber defense. It is possible, innovation beats dictatorship out of ignorance.
  7. WAY too many ways to get "on the 'net" in this country.
    Egypt only has 4 IP's. We've got too many to count.
    Even shutting down the entire power grid in the continental US wouldn't do it.
    I don't see how our inept govt. could do it.
  8. the bastard corrupt gov't regime or Egype deserve to kicked out power...

    why the f#ck is he the president if 90% of the people don't support.
    the police the army doesn't support him.

    there is NO democracy of NO Freedom in Egypt.

    Egypt is FAKE democracy!

    30 same president AND his son is next in line..more like King ,. or political nepotism

    gov't corruption is very rampant in countries outside of the US

    gov't corruption is considered low in the US presently.

    as for americans have become sheep...

    america was founded on overthrow in rule imperialism....the gov't thinks they can make any law the feel like..

    well you know what unless the laws have the support of teh MAJORITY of the people it is not law...

    majority rule is the essense of a democracy for better or worse.

    a senator is 'proposing' making illegal or $100 fine to walk in the street listening mp3's slipery slope to police state.

    america is police state...more gov't control tha communist china and russia.

    in many countries possession of gun is illegal and you go to prison for years.

    US is built on the premises,,you don't need gov't..criminals fear 5 million people having guns and taking the law into their own hands. don't need cops.
    anyone can be cop. citizen volunteer cops.

  9. Brokenmarket you make excellent points. But if you look at Obama's policy you see continuation of Bush policy, case in point Patriot act will be renewed etc. Debt growing just like under Bush. Wars still going on etc. I could go on.

    We got dictatorship too the only difference is we can still afford milk and gas and food. :cool:
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