Kids = worthless investment?

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  1. Some economists have argued that having kids is an economically silly investment; after all, it's cheaper to hire end-of-life care than to raise a child. Now comes new research showing that having kids is not only financially foolish but that kids literally make parents delusional.
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  3. I knew this was coming some day.

    On second thought, there is no guarantee that world will survive for more than 20 or 30 years. People are talking about World War 3. There are hundreds of Hitler and Stalin in this world. There is a meteorite/space mountain 35 km wide and 10 km high which can crash into Earth. There is Yellow stone national park massive volcano. Magnitude 10 Earthquake is waiting to strike Earth. Everybody knows about the world economy (nothing to write).

    If a child is born today there is no guarantee, he/she will survive for more than 20 or 30 years.
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    then the cats and dogs should be worthless x100
  5. Release all the cats and dogs in the wild/forest. They will be the happiest animals.

    Release all the caged animals (lions, tigers, bears, others) in the wild/forest. Shut down all the zoos and animal shelters. Animals are 100% happy in wild/forest.
  6. Lol, you could say this about any other time in history too.....yawn Bearice

  7. More proof economists intelligent retards.
  8. First of all, you do not have kids as an Investment. That is an ass-nine idea.

    Second, Kids are a huge responsibility both emotional and financially.

    The problem is, the "MIDDLE CLASS" have kids and they do not invest "emotional time" on the average. They let TV, Video Games, After School Programs raise their kids because mom and dad are two busy working their ass of to pay for all the Bullshit Debt the racked up, prior to having kids. Hence, the fucked up middle class offspring that we see every day.

    The poor, the just do not give a rats ass. Because they free-load off the Tit of the US gov and tax payers. WE pay for their fucked up kids who have no future and will end up costing this country more money and heart ache in the end.

    The Wealthy, the tend to just "BUY" their kids life. Thus, you have a lot of Drugged out Trust Fund Kids who are not a drain on society because they have the means to make their ends. They may be a pain in the ass in the VIP room or you may get pissed when you seen them driving a new Ferrari at the age of 18. But they are less of a social economic problem than the Poor and Middle Class kids of the last 20 years.

    Simple fact is, having kids is a responsibility that many worthless parents are not up to. Hence, the "Lost" generation that is about to enter into the world to replace generation X and Y.
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    mmm...have you ever meet pack of abandoned\wild dogs during the winter? they eat people,when they are hungry...just let you know...
    and they far more creative than wolfs
  10. Well, we know that the underclass create a huge number of middle class jobs:

    -Firemen (underclass tend to start more fires)
    -Police (underclass commits most of the crime)
    -Lawyers (Jamal Needs a public defender every few months)
    -Wal-mart and other discount stores (got to have a place to spend all the "stamps")
    -Social workers (Womens work is never done! ...and the underlcass needs lots and lots of help)
    -Special ed teachers (Johny or Jamal Can't read, but with the help of 5 tutors he is a high school graduate!)

    Heck, by promoting out of wedlock births, we will be at sub 5% employment in what, 14 years?

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