Kids these days. . . WTF?

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    Wow, the mind boggles.

    SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Eight days after allegedly being sexually battered while passed out at a party, and then humiliated by online photos of the assault, 15-year-old Audrie Pott posted on Facebook that her life was ruined, "worst day ever," and hanged herself.

    Kids are so messed up that one wonders if the parents should be criminally charged.
  2. pspr


    After her death the cops arrested the rapists. I guess they weren't too concerned before that.
  3. jem


    Man the depravity and the stupidity to record it and facebook it.

    Its hard to know which is a worse indicator for what is missing.
    I really feel for the girls family.
    This ignorant stupid boys... psychotic too I guess.
    Don't they have any concept of morality, right or wrong or fear of the the law?
    What is wrong with these kids parents.
  4. I won't say I was a totally wild teenager, but I raised my share of hell. What I can say is that I, nor anyone I hung with, would have ever considered gang raping a girl. No doubt there were some dirtbags back then, but it does seem that our youth has gone completely off the rails as of the last few years.
  5. Yeah, reminds me of something that would happen in India or Pakistan.

    The law may also need to be tightened up to make Facebook liable for incidents like this. Don't tell me they can't use software to scan for phrases or images suggestive of criminal conduct or exploitation. The harm their platform can cause is immense. Letting them just wash their hands of it seems lax to me.

    As for these guys, they need to face adult charges and hard time.
  6. Eight days is a long time not to notice something was wrong or for a victim of an assault to hide her feelings. Somebody was not paying attention to this girl.

    There was failure in this girls life before and after this situation. Kids can trick you with this party stuff (fool me once) but the next day the girl had to have a hangover or the blahs or something.
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    And a Sex Offender tag for the rest of their lives.
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    Sharing a cell with a rapist named Bubba.
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    Bubba Clinton?
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    The one that smokes wet cigars?
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