Kids are about to go hungry.

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    nobody cares

    I don't care anymore

    I gave up

    let it all blow up into high heaven

    I am done
  2. Yes. And if I have my facts straight, the fathers owe that money for however long they are unemployed and most states will only review the support amount every three years (if requested). So if dad needs to change careers mid-recession and take a huge pay cut, tough luck pal.
  3. Nobody is going to go hungry. last time I checked rice, beans, eggs and bananas were still very much affordable. Not much more is needed to have a decent meals.
  4. I hate it how people always assume that its the fathers that are paying child support. There are plenty of Fathers who are the custodial parent that are getting child support from their ex's. Only reason we never hear about it is because men generally dont go running to the media crying how the woman is not paying him his 2,000$ per month child support. Men generally suck it up and just make up the difference on their own. And also...judges dont make women pay NEARLY the same amount in child support as men. For instance. I knew this woman who her exhusband was ordered to pay $10,000 per month in child support from his $40,000 per month paycheck (for 2 kids)

    Then go look at someone like Brittney Spears, who makes over $700,000 per MONTH and is only ordered to pay $15,000 per month in child support.