Kids and Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by guido, Mar 18, 2003.

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    I was wondering, how many of you traders out there are also a father like me.....
    I don't know why but my feeling tells me that most of you guys are single. Tell me if i'm wrong!!!
    I made the mistake to install my tradingstation right in the livingroom (which is quite big I must say) and this worked out just fine, until..... two kids showed up in the family (one's 2 years old and the other just 4 months)
    Now it really gets pretty stressfull sometimes....:mad:
    Try to buy o sell and then feed or change dipers in the meantime.....:)
    Oh boy, it makes trading harder !
    What to do ? Sell the kids ? :D:D
    Sure, the best solution would be moving to another room and say "from 9:00 to 16:15 daddy is not home" also for the wife, but between saying and actually doing.....
    Life is what you make it, but now and then I see it's just not always up to you :confused:
  2. you gotta focus when you gotta focus. it's a man thing.
  3. omcate


    Yes. Sell your two kids and short two more.

    :p :p :p
    :D :D :D
  4. maybe leg into an April "strangle"

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    How to execute the "strangle" ? In one shot or in two parts ?

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    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    U should really take your equipment into another room so daddy ISN"T there 9-4. Or these friendly ET members will take your money without focus.
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    mentor somebody and that student had to take care of the kids in return.
  8. I'm not taking any chances -- I leased an office at the beach and will move my operation there after the baby's born.

    Kind of looking forward to it. Working out of the house has certainly had its challenges -- although my house is large as well. Some people have a hard time understanding just how much work is involved in trading. As a result, I always have friends dropping by during market hours -- not realizing that just because I'm in shorts and flip-flops doesn't mean I'm relaxing!

    The worst was last week when my mother-in-law was here. Don't get me wrong, she's great -- but she has absolutely no conception of what I do!! She kept saying how lucky I was to be "home during the day." ...and she would pop into my office here in the house all day long during the market.

    I think having an office "away from home" will better separate my trading and personal life. We'll see!

  9. I agree!!

    I have been trading from home almost a year and our twins are 2 years old now. It has really been a challenge and I think the conflicting desires (to be successful at trading and spending time with the family) really get tested.

    I am set up in a different room but have trouble not participating with the kids during the day. I have done the "daddy's not here from 9-4" thing but still have numerous interruptions, etc.

    I cannot imagine trading in the same room as all the daily activity that goes on in a house with kids. I think that is the first step towards getting more focus.

    Just recently I have tried to really focus on the 60-90 minutes of the trading day without any interruption and get a good trade or two done. Then get away from the screen (I find I need some time away after a trade or two - profitable or losing) and play with the kids and talk with the wife. Spend the slow hour or so around lunch exercising or relaxing or reading. Then get ready for the last two hours of trading and again, focus without the interruptions.

    I am always open to new ways of resolving this and have considered leasing some office space nearby but have not taken that step yet.

    Good Luck!!
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    Quote from omcate:

    Yes. Sell your two kids and short two more

    I think I will sell my wife, i can get more money :D :D

    Hey guys thank you all for the tips :p
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