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  1. Ribs


    kidpowertrader is some kind of college affiliate

    who is interested in trading and teaches business

    or something like that

    Poor guy is in a stage where he offers signals for money

    I swear to god I was in that stage too

    we all go through same things
  2. well, idk. Anyone seen him do live calls? There has to be a reason why he has 10 indicators lol
  3. Mofo don't you know I can sue you for posting my magical indicator? Lawsuit incoming...:D
  4. wow? Sue me for what?

    Wow, mofo? ill sue you for slander!
  5. I heard hes god like.
  6. he told me he will send chart today
    of all his trades
  7. Whisky


    I think he belongs to the famous "Trucker School for the Chosen Few". Lucky guy.

  8. I cant believe i have to say this, but I AM NOT A VENDOR. David is a dick of a friend i know in real life. Please don't pm me lol. I don't do calls.
    #10     Feb 13, 2009
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Not open for further replies.