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  1. I recently attended a fundraiser walk for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease.) My father had it and did not know, he had complications from it and ultimately passed away. My younger brother also has it, but is being monitored and is very healthy. As far as I know, I do not have it.

    I am telling you all this because at the walk I met a lady in her 40's that has kids and grandchildren and she was telling my mom, brother, and I her story and also about the fact that she is in need of a kidney transplant. After hearing her talk for a while, I felt a heavy feeling in my heart and I ultimately told her that if I was a match to her, I would be willing to donate one of my kidneys to help her.

    I have kept in touch with her and am proceeding to take the tests. One thing though, is I am going to have to check to see if I match my brother in case he one day needs it. If I am a match to him I will obviously save it for him, but if not will give it to her.

    I have done some research on the net, but was wondering if any of you have had any experiences with kidney transplants or just know of any good research and/or info you would be willing to share. I truly feel like this is something that I should do, but as I have had more time to think about it, it is scary. I've always been a big advocate in blood donation and any other activities to help fight disease or the sick.

    Just wanting to hear from some of you... thoughts????
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    Bless you for offering a life saving/life extending gift!

    In Oct. 2001 I donated a kidney to my sister who had developed gestational diabetes.

    My surgery consisted of two small 1/2" horizontal incisions, both on the left side about 6 inches apart, one below the belt line and the other directly above. These were for inserting a camera/scope and surgery tools.

    There is a 4" vertical incision immediately to the right side (when I look down) of my navel that runs 2" below to 2" above, and just misses the navel. During the operation the doctors inflated the belly cavity and removed the kidney from this area.

    Post surgery and upon awakening there was a nurses assistant straightening out the sheets on the bed. Since I have a fairly good humor the first thing I said was "are you an angel?" It helped that she was attractive (I even asked her out a month later -- another story...).

    There was no pain when lying flat. Only getting up and down to take the mandatory post-operation walks was there pain/discomfort. Walking around actually helped. It is amazing how much the abdominal muscles come into play when getting up to stand and sitting down. Within the first 3 days you may need assistance getting up as you WILL use your arms, shoulders and knees. This inconvenience/pain lasts about a week. After ten days I developed an infection in the main incision and had to dress and clean the area. I tried doing it myself for a couple days but had a house nurse stop by and assist. After a week the infection cleared up.

    I would definitely ask the doctor performing your procedure exactly what method he will use. My first internet search results were more along with removing a part of the rib! Medicine has come along way since.

    The most discomfort I had from the operation while in the hospital was not having a bowel movement for days. So, best advice might be prune juice if you have "problems".

    Months before the procedure you take many medical tests, nothing extraordinary, more like physicals. You will want to exercise and try to lose excess weight in the months preceeding the procedure, this will help when getting up and sitting down (arm strength) and overall recovery. I was back at the gym within 3 months of my operation, lifting light weights of course.

    In less than 3 weeks will be my 10 year donation anniversary. There are no after affects and I don't even think about it until something comes along like your thread. The National Kidney Foundation has a yearly program with free medical checkups that I attend since I am a donor. Special people (i.e., doctors, nurses, assistants, etc.) that donate their time to that organization.

    Any more concerns/questions please ask.

  4. there was a sad case here recently. a brother donated a kidney. the donating brother died from complications. it does happen.
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    My kids, YES!

    Anybody else....hell no, not ever.

    You have a good heart though...hope good things come your way!