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  1. In a variation on my previously proposed ignore-top10, I want to propose the mechanism of kickvote.

    We start a new forum where everyone can propose a kickvote against another member. That specific forum provides a link to a kickvote for all to click and where anyone interested can vote for/against that kickvote. When a certain balance has been reached the member gets banned or the vote gets closed.

    If anyone feels unjustly accused he can of course mobilize supporters.

    (This method would work best combined with a minimum-post-number-before allowing thread-start, to prevent revenge-rage with a new nick.)

    Kickvotes work reasonably well in online games where delinquent players disrupt the gameflow, like on ET these days.

  2. So the idea to clean the forum up is to encourage those about to be 'kickvoted' to go around telling people to vote for them?


    Yes, that should clean the forum right up.

    You think there's a lot of useless threads here now....
  3. Well that is a scenario yes, but my guess is that when certain members announce their nomination it will have the opposite effect and many will go look to kick them.
    Might be chaos for a while but when the worst idiots are gone the effect will be beneficial and will improve the attractiveness of ET, which it needs direly.
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    No kind of voting thing works unless multiple aliasing is curtailed...
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    You're proposing a forum where members vote to kick other members off the board?

    Sheesh. You guys. The things you come up with...

  6. :p Yeah pretty outrageous hah? Well I think this board is made by it's members so the members decide. How else would you ensure that we do not deteriorate further?

    I'm serious, there are a few multi-alias idiots around that interfere in every thread with the same kind of nonsense. I think the value of ET has gone down a lot in the last year and several other proposals were ignored (although I think that threads by ignored posters r now invisble, good).

    When ppl are starting poll-threads in the TRADING forum about how good they are themselvers, I think it becomes time that we can really vote about what we think of them. I'm pretty sure that this specific member would be gone within 24 hours.

    Combine it with the rule that n00bs cannot start a thread, and they will become much more carefull about their precious aliases.
    Multi-aliases should be prohibited anyway. This is maybe the only board I know that allows that, and it is starting to make a fool of itself.


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    Another variation of this idea would be to post the number of users currently ignoring the poster (under the username, registration date, and number of post).

    This would indicate what others think of the person, permitting readers to quickly gauge the quality of the offender's posts. Furthermore the ignore button should be placed right under that statistic.

    The offenders would be gradually be shut out of the discussion as the ignore list grows, and if I am correct it would growth would accelerate as the user provokes more people.

    I am aware that changing usernames partly bypasses this approach, but only in part as the new username will quickly accumulate new ignores.

    Other statistics can be shown such as ignores/period of time(day, week, month). This statistic can be used by itself or optionally used for further public ridicule such as "Jackass of the day award" or whatever.

    Wether this is implemented or not I'm starting to use my ignore list generously. Its the best thing for me and also for the person I'm ignoring.
  8. You are the weakest link Goodbye.