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  1. In many online - multiplayer games the players have the right to kick an offending player. For example, if I run around killing all my team-mates then I'd get voted off pretty quick.

    I wonder if we could extend this principle to ET? For example if someone uses bad language or spams they would be gone. Another example might be someone who makes 600 posts in the span of one month but doesn't even trade. Hearing from someone like that could be REALLY tiresome! Especially when they come off sounding like they actually know what they're doing.

    Just a thought....
  2. Lightningsmurf,

    I am assuming you are talking about me. If enough people feel as you do, I won't contribute to this board any longer. I will take my time and go elsewhere and nobody here will have ever benefited from seeing another journal being created.

    If the mentality of this board is like that, and enough people feel as you do, I will be more than happy to have my account deleted and you will never hear a peep from me again.
  3. I did have you in mind to some extent, but I was thinking more in generalities. Recently FTP's alter-ego (no pun intended) threatened to rear his ugly head but didn't, possibly due to a poll that suggested that only GG wanted to hear from him.

    In your case, I have no problem with any particular post. You are generally positive and DO try to contribute. I don't expect you to listen to anything I have to say anyway. Having said that, you might want to look at your shear VOLUME of posts. Do you really have that much of value to say?? You admit that you don't trade at the present, so why not listen instead of talk? When GG asks one of his ubiquitous questions, why not consider the responses instead of being the first to chip in your two cents?

    Most of us agree that trading is hard work. For all the time you spend here posting, how much trading research could you have accomplished? How many books could you have read? How much visualization could you have done? What could you have done in the hours you spend on ET that would improve your odds of being successful once you actually start trading?

    I don't want to be harsh because I don't like reading other people's negative posts, and lets face it, a community is only the sum of it's members. But please give a moment and think before you post. After all, every village has its idiot and you don't want it to be you.
  4. Aphex,

    If you happen to leave, let me know where you'll be postin. I like to listen to what you have to say.
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    Andy. You're an idiot. But FYI, Aphie started writing a weekly column in Barrons this weekend.
  6. Smurf can stay forever, I love the snapple facts. You wouldn't believe how many eyebrows raised and heads nodded when I passed along the "animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons" snapple fact.

    Hey, I just thought of a reason to kick me off, "people who change the topic of the thread."

  7. If I were you I would continue to post.

    First, your participation DOES benefit ALL, even if the original poster in this thread is shortsighted enough not to see it. For instance, I believe you started a couple of threads that ended up with traders giving opinions as to the benefit/or lack thereof of indicators. You may not have had the experience to give SPECIFIC input. But you did create the thread where those that did gave an opinion. Those opinions were of benefit to all that read them.

    Sometimes the least knowledgeable member of a community can make a statement which causes other to reply, and therefore again benefits all.

    Finally, I would continue to participate because YOU may get benefit from it....when the original poster in this thread approves of it or not.

    Remember this: Life is not a popularity contest, no matter how much some may try to make it so.

  8. Forgot one thing. Just make sure when you're posting that you don't create the impression that you have actual experience until you do. I don't think you do by the way, but it's an important point in my opinion. You wouldn't want to misguide anyone that didn't know.

  9. Oldtrader,

    Thank you. I'm not going to quit. It just gets annoying that some people have so much spare time on their hands, that they have to count the number of someones posts and constantly make comments on it.

    There is an ignore feature that is easy to use, yet some people would rather drag it out in public by trying to verbally bash me for whatever reason.

    I over-reacted because I saw a couple posts / threads talking about people (me) posting too much. I'm not going to be able to post a lot this week, but I am starting my journal on here soon. I am sure there are many cynical members on this board who will love to see me fail in my transition into futures. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of my posting style and/or personal beliefs about trading.

    The sole judge of my success is me and me only (and my bank account). I can't say that I'm not a little scared to make my first future's trade -- but hopefully I can say years down the road that it was well worth it.

    Ps: I just saw your second post. I have experience in trading, investing, options and bonds -- contrary to what a lot of people think in here. I just have little to no experience with futures and that is where I am trying to learn how to be successful right now.
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    you tag line should have a disclaimer say 'I don't trade with real money yet! but I really really do' :D
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