Kicking seat back in movie bugs me..

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Eight, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I've been in movies a lot when some clod in the row behind me was kicking the back of a seat in my row.. .you can feel it all across the row with these plastic seats... once the missus and I were the only people in the theater and a couple sat directly behind us and one of them proceeded to kick the seat back about every five seconds... it was incredible, I kept giving them looks and comments and they just acted like I wasn't there...

    Today that shit started up so I just moved behind the moron with his feet on the furniture and kicked his seat back real hard so he couldn't miss it.. then I could enjoy the movie with a bonus, every time the action got really quiet and some good dialogue was going I kicked his seat back a few times..

    Personally I don't think there is a learning process for these clods with really low emotional IQ's but at least he didn't ruin the movie for me and I got to torture him a little.. he didn't seem to mind it at all, I suppose that's why he's such a clod really... next time I'm going to do it so much they have no choice but to get pissed, move, etc... I guess it's a social experiment to see what makes these clods such clods and what they do under pressure...
  2. God bless you brother,

    Frankly, I'm all for instant death for types like that , thing of how much better place the world would be in short order.

    In the meantime , yours was a good temp solution.

    Thing is, are you ready to kill the asswipe if he takes offense at your righteous retaliation?

  3. After asking them politely to please stop you would have been within your rights to dump a coke in their laps ....the first time.
  4. Eight


    The guy was way old enough to know better and he had his feet all up on the chair back in front of him... people with their feet on the furniture... do you reason with them? I've divided people into categories for a long time, those you reason with, usually they are cooperative and grown up, and animals, they are not cooperative and not grown up. I skip the reasoning part if I think they are animals...

    I'm going to keep this practice up and see where it takes me.. there is no lack of opportunities, it is indeed a target rich environment. I have a little "fight kit" that I take everywhere, martial arts and pepper spray, so if I can really piss an animal off I can have a little more fun... I wasn't really sure what I was going to say if he started in on me.. it was just my first time on offense, I'll get into it I suppose :eek:

    If I got arrested I'd play very dumb, like "I think he's off his meds or something"..
  5. Its the kind of person that comes to mind when I hear the popular phrase "attitude is everything".