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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by David I, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. David I

    David I

    I would like a 'kick' button so I could send a signal or count to someone that they got 'kicked' and I would also like to have it told or displayed to the user how many people have put them on 'ignore'. I would like the display of kicks and ignores to be prominent.

    I would start buy giving someone a 'kick' and if they are really offensive and don't recognize that a lot of people are kicking them or starting to put them on ignore then I would put them on ignore - no problem. But I sure would like the person to have some idea that they have a lot of kicks and how many people have decided to just totally ignore them.

    I think kicks should expire maybe a week or month after received. That way a person has a chance to shape up and their record clears in time.

    Ignores however stick as long as the other user decides to keep them on ignore - just like it works now only there is some visual way to see how many people are just plain ignoring you.

    I'm sure there is room for abuse with this but the kicking wouldn't automatically do anything to prevent you from posting or participating. It's just a signal to those few that might actually care that they have bugged quite a few people. Then again - perhaps those people that would get kicked and ignored don't care anyway. In that case just pressing the kick button would feel good for me!

    - David
  2. Do you work in law enforcement?
  3. ... this might be a fun thread... so I'll bump this by saying this:

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    3. Do people really bother you? Offensive? Do you have a bad experience from trying to sell a system in here? This place somewhat represents reality. You know that? Maybe you're not fit for trading...

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  4. Relax, I would suggest trying valium.

    If you don't like someone, just ignore them. What purpose does shoving it in their face serve? If you put them on ignore and you don't have to read their posts anymore, then why do you care if they know that or not? You're ignoring them anyway, isn't that enough.
  5. :p :p :p :D
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    A system similar to the one you are proposing is under way. It's a month or two away, but I think it will accomplish the goal, which is to let each poster know how they are perceived by other members.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Hey, hey...waitaminute.....Now I'm gonna have to have an "ignore" button for my "kicks"


  8. Why do I get the feeling that Aphie is going to have a bruised backside with this new feature....... :D
  9. I thought of this feature like the Karma feature present on some boards, rather than a way to remove someone from the list.
  10. How does this karma feature work? We could modify the kick button by adding bitch slaps and cans of whomp ass as well.
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