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  1. Kevin Garnet really lived up to that MVP award last night. Talk about dominating a game, he did it all.

    Tonight's Pistons-Nets matchup should be interesting. Wonder which Pistons team shows up? The one that easily won the first two games or the tentative team that lost three straight?
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    You knew I couldn't resist reprinting the above. :) And yes KG was awesome. But now, having never even dreamed of getting this far, the 'Wolves have their real work cut out for them....
  3. Wolves barely beat Sactown, who was missing Peeler and Bobby Jackson....and Webber was a cripple out there.


    Lakers in 5.

    KG was dancing on the tables last night celebrating....

    Celebrating the right to meet the Lakers, who are rested?

    Lakers dominate this one, meet Indiana, crush them, and Kobe leaves the Lakers to go to the Clippers and become the Man, who can win without the big fella.
  4. I agree with much of the above except your prediction of Kobe signing with the Paper Clips. There's really no advantage for him in staying in L.A. After all, he's already molested most of the women there. New Orleans, which has only had a franchise for a year and consequently lots of fresh meat to harass, seems the far more likely destination.
  5. What waswrong with Webber? He looked awful. I really wondered why they didn't sit him.
  6. Was KG really that good or was Peja that bad ? 8 points and 3 of 12 from the field?!?!?! Unbelievable.

  7. Webber's knee is not fully recovered from surgery that kept him out most of the year. He looked fully geriatric out there.

    He was no Willis Reed, who limped his way to a championship over the Lakers over 30 years ago.

    After Webber came back from the injury, he was a shadow of his former athletic self, and the Kings never regained the chemistry that had put them squarely in the Western Conference lead earlier this year.

    They need to blow up the Kings, the same way they need to blow up the Mavericks.

    I truly think Kobe will leave the Lakers...and if he stays in the Western Conference will make the games with the Lakers a ratings bonanza.

    Here is my major problem with the NBA though...

    As great as the Lakers may be, you never know which Shaq will show up, which Kobe, etc.

    Do you ever remember wondering which Magic, Bird, Moses Malone, West, Havilcek, Hakeem, Russell or MJ would show up for big games?

    Even though the Lakers have 3 championships under Jackson, the lack of consistency is still apparent.

    None, I repeat....none of today's superstars show the type of consistency in big games the aforementioned superstars did in their era. We see moments of brilliance, but can you count on it night in and night out?

  8. Bro the guy had 32 and 24 -- what do you think???
  9. Like I have said on another NBA thread before, the Kings do not play with a sense of possession, or a sense of urgency. They treat each and every playoff game, like a "regular season game".
    They also have very little presence down low.

    The T-Wolves are quite the opposite in every aspect, and KG is finally being a leader and taking his game to the next level.

  10. As much as I admire KG, the Wolves will be obliterated if KG, Sam I Am, and Mr. Coach Choker don't bring their A game each and every time.

    Cassell played wonderfully in Game 7 despite being injured, but can he do so again against the Lakers on a consistent basis?

    Shaq will make mincemeat out of Ervin Johnson and Madsen. Kobe will shred Spree 9 times out of 10, and Malone is going to hound KG very physically.

    The Lakers will lose this series only if they self-destruct. The Wolves will have to play at their very best for at least 4 games and also have to wish that the Lakers somehow get complacent.
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