Keystone Trading..... The Truth

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  1. After talking to a few former keystone employees I would like to ask some questions about the firm. I'd like to try and get some answers from guys who did or do work there.

    Do the owners of the firm trade or just manage the traders?

    Have any of the traders since you have worked there made money?

    How is the Training Program? Has it helped you make money?

    I keep reading about a stock list..... what is it?

    If you deposit 5k for the training then how much are you allowed to lose before you are either fired or asked to put up more money?

    Do they go over new traders individual trades at the end of the day to show you what you did wrong?
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    I thought you said you trade your own account and have no interest in trading prop...why are you investigating prop firms? (if I confused you with someone else, I apologize)
  3. I do. What does one have to do with the other? I'm not looking to trade there. I'm just curious if former traders from there who want to work for me are being sincere in their description of the firm.

    The questions that I raised are merely the things that I've been told and I found them hard to believe causing me to question their validity. I have seen some very lackluster numbers from former traders there, however they all told me the same stories about the firm, so I'm simply attempting to figure out whether they just didn't get trading or whether they weren't really given a shot due to certain teachings or parameters put on them.

    Either way, if someone actually had anything to say that is pertinent to any of the questions I asked that would be great. I'm fully aware that this site has a grand amount of negativity and people trying to disprove others but usually you can get one or two valid responses out of the mass of retardation spewed by traders or want to be traders who have had no success of their own and just try to degrade others.

    That being said..... please try to only respond of you can answer any of the questions being asked.
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    I was just curious, forget I said anything. Good luck with the search (and finding that diamond in the rough response, which is getting much tougher around here these days)
  5. Kind of a new trader. I've heard of Keystone - nothing bad about them.
  6. i received a call from K last week, after wasting ten minutes of my daily cell minutes asking me about my experience, the guy pitches me on his $4000 training program.


    why would an experienced trader was his time? K should be signing experienced traders to attract and teach new recruits willing to pay the training "fee" than soliciting for it.

    not a solid business model in my opinion, when 8/10 new traders will lose money.

    one one one, that's where the results are, and is my focus.
  7. Why would an experienced trader need to use a $5k deposit shop?
  8. they wouldn't.
    no idea why the guy called me, or where he got my email address.
    i was pissed.
  9. Odd, you stated he called you. I can't recall a time when I responded to spam with my cell number.
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