Keystone Trading - SCAM or not?

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  1. Keystone Trading - anyone check them out recently or currently trade with them? Any insight helpful.
  2. Funny that you mention this company. How long have they been in business? Seems crazy just take our 3 day course and you can trade our capital no risk to you. Just $1800 for the training. No series 7?

    To good to be true...
  3. Have a look at the comms rate that should give you a clue
  4. I was curious about them also. I looked through the site awhile back and just rechecked. Not sure what you saw for commission, but I saw 20 cents per 1000 shs.. Is that a real number? The last time I looked i thought they had that number posted in one spot and on another it was 20 cents per 100. I think it related to your cut and whether you ate your losses. I was also curious why they don't mention series 7. I didn't bother calling, as I had a bad feeling, but maybe worth a call.
  5. it is .20 per 1000 per
  6. Ok, so how do they go so low? .0002 is lower than anything else I've come across. They are into you for $4000-5000 for "training", but if you are losing you could go through that pretty quick. Do they toss you out as you get to the amount paid for training?
  7. url ?
  8. I'm with keystone for about 2 months now. I really like it. They are doing a great job training me and I am finally net positive. Call them if you want specific questions answered, they were very helpful for me over the phone. .0002 is correct.

    There was another thread I read before deciding to go with them. It basically says that they guys running the company were the only honest people involved with some other group, and they left to start their own.

    So far I feel it was 4k well spent. Do your own research of course.
  9. Oh and the trading their capital no risk thing, they definitely manage your risk and have tight limits on what you can lose daily. They just now moved me up to 200 shares the other day, after 2 months.
  10. Thanks for the input Baggerlord. Are you on the 50% cut of profits? Are there any other costs that you cover besides the training cost? For example are you paying the platfrom and exchange fees? Which platform are you using? Fell free to pm of you prefer.
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