Keystone trading question

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  1. 1) do you need to be licensed?
    2) you can join with NO capital
    3) what if a trader has a big loss?
    how does the firm make money?
    what platform do they use,how is it?
    thank you
  2. saico


    As far as I know...

    1) No

    2) Yes, but you need to attend their training program which is 4500$

    3) No idea!

    4) Sterling. - They make money with Seminars, profit splits and commissions I guess. And they trade of course

    They are honest guys and good traders.
  3. The training fee which everyone must pay is basically your deposit to protect them against your losses, however unlike a deposit you don't get your money back when you leave. If you lose more than the training fee I would guess they would tell you that you need to be retrained and need to pay another $4,500 for training.
  4. saico


    I guess many firms will try to find a way around the SEC rules after the Tuco story. The fee includes ongoing training for half a year and some further benefits.
  5. And...don't forget the payout is only 30-50% of winnings IF YOU ARE PROFITABLE.
    Thus, a $10k week of profits becomes $3k in your pocket....a meager college kid annual salary of $36k.
  6. saico


    Actually 75%
  7. ummmm... public school system? wanna re-check your math?
  8. Ahhh....they raised it eh ? Twas 30% 3 months ago.
    and the training was only $1500 back then.
    Looks like they made a few changes to their "offering".
    Good catch...I was thinking bad.
  9. 75% is still quite a cut... what kind of BP they give for that?

    is sterling the only platform?