Keystone Trading or SMB Capital

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by youngwallstreet, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Hi there I was wondering if anyone has heard of these two firms before?

    I am a new trader and I am looking for a firm which provides relevant and valuable training while using firm capital.

    Keystone offers two mentorship programs. The first is a scalping program and the second is based on following institutional order flows. The second one interests me,however it seems Keystone is very focused on workshops and seminars etc.

    SMB offer training programs but you need capital to trade after the initial training is over. I feel SMB Capital is a more stable respectable firm but I have no idea.

    Any thoughts on these two companies? Or any advice on what firm offer training and the opportunity to trade firm capital?


  2. i'd suggest you look at other firms. i recommend bright and cygroup
  3. Hi there, thanks for your insight, however bright requires a 25,000 deposit for trading, I am talking with cy trading but not sure about there training programs etc. I am looking for a firm which trains there traders and then allows them to trade their capital.

    What do you know about cy trading?