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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by reeseinv, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. reeseinv


    Ok , Ive had the conversation with them , i even got the wiring instructions to trade from them ?
    whats the deal ?
    Am I making a BIG mistake.
    i kinda see bits an pieces of issues on this board..
    anyone really know the deal with them.

    Im not a novice trader. but i wanted something that would give me more trading volume , as I dont do forex or options at this time..

    currently on the table..
    cy group as well

    Im just looking to trade more BP without having to put up the extra capital.

    you know 5K for 100K .... ;-)
  2. Hello Reese,
    Keystone is not a broker dealer so we don't accept risk deposits to leverage as you wrote here.

    We do however take on experienced traders who have a documented track record for at least the last 6 months with no risk deposit. If this applies to you give Keystone a call.

    If you received wiring instructions it could only have been to register for a class or to trade our capital by joining our mentoring program.

    We are very careful to run the business in a manner consistent with SEC regs, Keystone does not accept risk deposits. I hope this clears things up for you.
  3. reeseinv


    actually it does thank you very much..
    i had questions , and wanted answers , you rate are very good compared to whats out here , just heard somany different things about sub , and wanted to make sure i made the right choice..
  4. you guys are good...:D :p :p
  5. VinMan


    Can anyone give me their opinion on what size lots it takes to earn a good living daytrading? To make, let's say 500k what do traders use as size?

    Of course I know there are a million variables but I see all places beginning on 100 shares to learn and stay in game but as that trader advances, what would he/she expect to trade when/if reaching the top level?

    I know this may be a tough question to answer but if you can in very general terms think of yourself or top daytraders you know and what size they are trading now to earn a good living.