Keystone trading/Beware of the trap

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by rookietrader200, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. I interviewed with them, it does sound like a boiler room and they give u the worst deal i ever heard.

    You gotta pay lots of money for supposedly training fee.The guy that supposed to teach you how to trade ,never traded before

    After training they give you a credit line, but you gotta cover any losses you incur. On top of that you gotta use their platform, which you have to pay for and also pay per share price.

    The guy who I interviewed with didn't even have their program running,he is not even a trader and he never traded before.

    And it wasn't really an interview, he was just trying to sell me their package deal.

    I also spoke with a few people who blew out their accounts in a few weeks after joining.

    This is a sweat shop and not a trading shop and when you blew out your account they just kick you out . beware of the Trap.