Keys to the kingdom, comparing trading systems

Discussion in 'Trading' started by apak, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. apak


    Maestro's fund does about 25-37 % annually (almost no limit to size) only limited by number of instruments

    Acrary does 200% annually however portfolio must be below 200 k

    Gnome does about 45% annually upper limit about 6 million

    now here is the kicker

    Maestro is very sophisticated
    Acrary is semi-sophisticated
    Gnome is not sophisticated at all, he uses indicator RSI for signals for Christ's sake

    each of these fine gentlemen pissed blood until they made it

    so until you guys see red in the toilet, don't even think you can do it :D
  2. apak


    screw this I am leaving ET, even if I help some joe six pack think

    there is always more of them coming
    and hell most of them just attack me since I am point out that status quo won't do

    this is futile :( :(

    I give up
  3. You get no sympathy from me, 6pack. For years I have shown ET how to make $30-40 a day from one NQ contract on one or two no risk no brainer trades. That's over 200% per annus uncompounded. All I get for it is abuse.
  4. yeah tupac you should listen to joe - avg $35 a day, avg 200 trading days in a year you could be buying a Ferrari years' time.

    Wise up mofo it's all good Chi City and all that.

    (I have no idea what that last line means but I think it's something Kanye might say)
  5. stay