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  1. I would like to monitor all activity in my own PC while I am away for security purposes. Any good free keylogger that will email me periodically with all activity?

  2. MWycliff


    I am looking for a similar method to monitor my PCs and laptops at home while I am away taking care of family. I suspect my gf was with her ex while I was away and she's aware of my suspicions because I have discussed the issue with her. She's changed all her passwords, started to clear her browser history, deleting her cell phone call records, etc. I want real proof before I having a serious talk with her.
  3. Thats not good! Google free Keylogger and you should find plenty of options.
  4. Mr_You


    You all should be aware of any legal issues you could face (even if it is your own PC) and potential security issues created by the keylogging software. Meaning, how do you know it is not sending passwords to a remote server or truly turned off/uninstalled when you think it is?

    If you don't trust your gf why are you with her?
  5. I used Perfect Keylogger from Blazing Tools for years on my kids' PC while they were in middle school.

    It was a satisfactory product and reasonably priced. Their customer service was good also.

    Don't let others beat you up about using a keylogger. Just do what you think is best with your PC.
  6. If i has gotten that far the trust is already gone and you don't need a keylogger to know there is no relationship left to save.

    Her going out of her way to change all passwords and such would have been when the cue to dump her on her ass.
  7. There may be benefits.
    RCG's Girl spells it out.
  8. I agree with stevegee's post. If you feel you need to do what you describe, then just do it. If you find proof about your gf, then what is there to talk about? Then you could never trust her and should just dump her sorry arse. If your suspicions turned out to be correct that is.