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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for trading keyboards? I thought about getting an Alienware gaming keyboard since it has more buttons but the keyboard layout doesnt seem much different than a conventional keyboard.

    If there was a store that could customize keyboards, that would be awesome because i hate assigning regular "letter" keys for different lot sizes.
  2. A good ergonomic keyboard. Kinesis or Microsoft Natural Pro are good ones I've used.

    If you get RSI, it doesn't matter how many hotkeys you have, you're still going to be in pain.

    Independent traders aren't usually well insured against disability. You can never imagine how disabling RSI can be till you've had it. Good ergonomics is cheap insurance.

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  4. Keyboards- who uses those? I have my trading interface in 3D and I set up a motion detector that buys when I punch and sells when I kick. Im buff! It gives me a good workout
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    Ok I see the email at the bottom. I guess you got to email them!
  7. wow this thing is the coolest keyboard i have ever seen! i have my doubts about how accurate it performs however.
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    I own both an X-Keys and an ErgoDex. Bought the X-keys just before learning of the Ergo.

    Like them both. X-keys comes with great macro software. Ergo's is almost as nice. Being able to arrange to any form is just awesome on the Ergo. Perfectly accurate btw.

    No issues with either except for my purchase experience with the X-Keys...I found the cheapest price on the net (dumbass thing to do) and they sent me a knockoff of the X-keys that didn't work for shit. Threatened them and they returned my money and I bought the next round straight from the company that makes them. No problems whatsoever.

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