Keyboard stickers to note my hotkeys on

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 3acor, Jun 27, 2019.

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    I am looking for stickers that can stick on keyboards. I trade using hotkeys and it will be easier if I have each key noted on them whether its market or limit order and the number of shares.

    Anyone knows where to buy some?
  2. Haven’t seen them in many years.
    I remember when I started and had to label my keyboard.
    SOES limit, SOES market, Select Net, lol.
    Good memories.
  3. 3acor

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    Lol. Its really annoying as I have to look on the keyboard and make sure I am hitting the right key. Sometimes it makes me miss a trade if I am flipping through charts and find a good move that is just happening and I have to get in quickly
  4. maxinger


    I put some glue on some particular hot keys.
    Not a great idea actually.

    Better use left right up down arrow keys as hot keys.
    because those keys are easily identified.
  5. 3acor

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    I have multiple hotkeys (16)
  6. F1-F12 and also use the Shift/F1-F12 and that will give you 24 possible keystrokes.
    That way you keep your letters and numbers free And don’t accidentally hit a hot key and fire orders out.
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    I see thanks.

    I use SHIFT + (Z,X,V,B) and same for the upper 3 rows
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  8. MattZ

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    You can order mechanical keyboards with custom buttons for your hotkeys.
  9. 3acor

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    Thanks. Do you know where I can get some?
  10. Sprout


    Search xkeys
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