Keyboard of the Gods - Logitech G15

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hcour, Oct 13, 2006.

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    My old KeyPro keyboard w/12 programmable keys is finally going screwy after 10 yrs and they don't make them anymore, so I just ordered this bad boy:

    I'm not a gamer but I like using macros and automating stuff. I know some traders do to so I thought ya'll might be interested. 18 programmable keys w/3 modes so you can have 54 macros per application. (The keyboard software will automatically recognize which app is running in the foreground.)

    The LCD screen is really just a gimmick, but Newegg had this one cheaper than I could find the version w/o the LCD, so I got this one. There are mods that will enable various info to display on the LCD, like system memory, cpu temp, etc.

    Plus, that's just one kewl looking keyboard!

  2. My gawd!:eek: That looks a bit like the star ship Enterprise.
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    Beam me up, Scotty!

    Yeah, it's a beauty. It's also backlit, has media controls, and all the reviews I've read rave about it.

  4. I managed to get one on sale a few months ago. Definately worth full price though! The macro keys are incredibly handy.
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    Do you notice any lag w/the macros? My KeyPro doesn't use software, you just go into dos, press the macro key you want to map along w/a special "Program" key on the board, then enter the keystrokes you want to record, press the macro key again and it's set. The macro keys response is instantaneous, just like any other key on the board. I'm just wondering if the G15 will also have that instant response, since the macros are software-based rather than hardware.

  6. These would be perfect is they were wireless. I hate wires.
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    True. So anyone knows what's the Wireless Keyboard of the Gods?
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  9. Best... Natural Split Contoured...

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