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    All Wired, far too risky otherwise.
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    Wired and have 2 trackballs collecting dust, they stick even after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. I tried Rosy Plams Easy Slide and they still had sticky periods so i relegated them to a museum called a spare closet.

    Replaced them a couple years ago with Logitech MX518 wired and have never considered changing.

    FOR TRADING with X-Trader on that pc i use a regular plain Jane mouse that came with IBM intellistation about 7 years ago. Wired naturally. I have a steel plate on the desk with a screw placed bottem up through the small plate and a fishing snap clip to run the cord through and a nut to tighten down to the clip to control the mouse wire in place.
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  4. Thanks for the explanations, Derrick1983. :)
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