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  1. a KVM unit
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    all set up, thanks
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  3. Please explain and clarify.
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  4. i use a logitech wireless mouse for trading but i also keep a wired mouse connected to the computer just in case i forgot to recharge. No wired mouse even comes close to the confort of a logitech revolution MX mouse.
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  5. dont use a KVM switch, use a software like SYNERGY or MAXIVISTA, much more efficient. Maxivista even allows you to use the screens of other computers as extentions of your main one, just like if you had extra video cards.
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    Everything wired. mice, logitech g-5's.
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  7. I tried the Logitech MX Revolution mouse and for everything but trading, it's fantastic - the free-spinning scroll wheel gives me a lot of control over all kinds of apps.

    For trading, wired all the way and very simple.
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    Thats what I thought until I bought logitech G9. I have lots of logitech mice including mx revolution and its cousin vx. G9 is much better for comfort, speed and features. Its by far the best mice made. Its made for gamers but im no gamer
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    Wired and I prefer a trackball.
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