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    Thought I would ask what you pros use in the way of keyboards/mice. Do you always use wired? Anybody using trackballs? This is prompted after wild gyrations of a wireless mouse going bad and the realization that had I been trading it could have been a disaster. I’m trying to get to a couple of notebooks with luggable external monitors and keyboards/mice. Maybe a couple of small form factor pc’s would be better as far as graphics.
    What’s tried and true with you?

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    I personally use 100% wired mice and keyboards...

    I've used wireless in the past and it just doesn't feel having to change the batteries in the middle of doing something important just sucks. Or forgetting to put yer mouse on the charger is even worse (since there is no immediate relief like changing the batteries).
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    wired keyboard, wireless logitech mouse.

    however, i've got rechargable batteries right on my desk, along with a wired mouse on the ground next to it.
  4. WIRED all the way
  5. wired all the way.

    too lazy to even thinking about changing batteries....
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    I have a cordless mouse but I kept misplacing it, so I solved the problem by fastening a wire to it and attaching the other end to my computer.

  8. LMAO.. Good One! :D
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    what external port do i need to run 2 pc's ... 1 monitor on each ... but share the same keyboard and mouse?
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