Discussion in 'Stocks' started by promagma, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. promagma


    This stock is falling hard ..... but huge buy orders keep coming in around 11.60 - 11.70, so it is holding up, yesterday and this morning.

    By huge - I mean a block of 2 million - 4 million shares popping in and out on ISLAND.

    Fascinating .... never seen anything like it on L2
  2. crap stock avoid
  3. gimp570


    i saw huge bids on NYSE at 11.65....kept refreshing.....

    but this is real selling......
  4. promagma


    Maybe Abu Dhabi got an eTrade account.
  5. gimp570


    there goes $11.65....

    market is FLYING...

    and this sucker looks really really sick!!!!

    maybe be next one to go belly up???
  6. there was an 87 million share offering
  7. was some nice action where you could take as much size as you wanted, being a piker i only played him with 5k lots... went long .66 in the morning, got out and went short when they started breaking the .65, covered the short at .58, then he came back on a plustick with 2 mill at .65 again, bought .66, covered .70 like an idiot while I watched in awe as it ripped to .87... that and mastercard have been my whole day...