KEY West//Florida Keys real estate market??

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gimp570, Aug 15, 2006.

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    There is nothing about Key West real estate..
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  3. blast19


    Was down there last year and thought about buying a place becasue they seemed pretty cheap to me...surprisingly cheap.

    Then I realized that when a hurricane comes I'd have to deal with it and it's not even close to being worth it.

    I wouldn't trade there during hurricane connection goes down and so does your account while you're stuck in a hellstorm. bad idea.
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  4. jim c

    jim c

    Go to the "keynoter" newspaper online and scroll down to the bottom left of the main page. there is a section called "Sunday". This section is mostly about real estate in the keys. The key west newspaper also has classified ads that have alot of real estate. good luck jim
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    Thanks for the info
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    Does anyone know what the real estate market is doing in the Florida Keys/Key West. I know that it has been crazy for a long time. Are prices falling,,down there like the rest of FL?? I would love to move down there. It seems like the perfect place to trade!! Any traders down there???

    I am heading down to Key West this week ..i am gonna check out the realestate market....From what i have heard just like the rest of Florida....there are tons of houses for sale in the keys....
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  7. Isn't Keywest Fla. the haven for homosexuals?? Not that there is anything wrong with that:)
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  8. No problem finding a boyfriend down there. The flip side, if you're straight, is you won't have to compete with all those tanned buff guys for women.
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    I have noticed that real estate in the Florida Keys (as well as most of FL) has been coming down...big time....

    If this continues I would love to buy a place down in the FL keys...its the perfect place to trade....

    ISLAND time....
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  10. Quark


    Mish posted several observations from a guy living in that area back in late 06 and early 07. Even then virtually everyone was still saying "RE only goes up!"

    Search the site using "FreeThinkerKW" as a keyword.
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