KEY West//Florida Keys real estate market??

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gimp570, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Didn't the insurance companies decide to withdraw hurricane coverage?

    That should bring prices down a bit.
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  2. if there is a hurricane, can you get out in time? Say with two days notice?
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    Thats right....they know when they are coming...not like an earthquake!
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  4. Well,
    I know that hurricane insurance IS difficult to get, it's a real mess, but even though I wasn't there during a hurricane, I read the local websites during the 'canes and it was tough to get out because there is only ONE road in and out, and during an evacuation, you get serious congestion problems, from what I read.
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  5. I was there last July during Hurricane Dennis. They had a mandatory evacuation for everyone south of the 7 mile bridge. We were in Islamorda in a rental house so we stayed. Traffic was bad but not horrible. Everyone who wanted out got out. Hurricane party at the Key Largo Holiday Inn was great.
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  6. see yall out there w/in a month!
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    There has got to be a bunch of traders down there...I never heard of any trading offices though
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    Does anyone know what the real estate market is doing in the Florida Keys/Key West. I live in FL and everywhere "in FL" all i see are houses that are not moving at all! More and more houses are being put up for sale and very few are selling.. Are prices falling,,down there like the rest of FL??

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    check out CFHI for an interesting florida story.

    disclosure: i'm short it (CFHI). i may cover if it bounces, i may add more, or i may do nothing.
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