Key West / Florida Keys... Any traders down there??

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    I am thinking about relocating to Key West or somewhere in the Florida Keys. Does anyone know if there are any traders in the area. Are there any offices down there. I am not even sure if they have cable modems or DSL. It sure seems like it would be a great place to live.(and trade) That is if I can afford the rent.. It seems pretty high. Any info that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nice place to visit, but like most people you would probably tire of it very quickly. Other than Key West, there is nothing else in the keys other than a few hotels and scruffy strip malls for the most part. It is basically just a highway with a few hundred feet of sand on each side. Key West is very small and a tourist town, and any decent living arrangement is going to be high priced. If you want the beaches and weather, you would be better off on the Florida mainland where there is more of everything.
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    There are no trading offices in Key West....the nearest ones are in Miami.
    I knew a LOT of daytraders and dot com millionaires who live least in the winter......
    I lived in Marathon for 7 years and I loved it. But the summer months are just plain brutal. Anyone with money is there only 3-7 months and then rents out their place for the summer.

    Reasons we left....... We had to move close to a full service hospital. Bob could not take the heat any longer. But we still live on the beach, just in Amelia Island.
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    I thought there would be lots of traders down there. Are cable modems/DSL available in the keys??? Any other Traders down there?

  5. Gimps,

    I'm central west coast florida, south of Tampa. Here you have Island living, city living, or country, whatever is your pleasure. It used to be a very well kept secret but no more. Tell me what you want and maybe I can give you some info. I have lived here about 30 years, and know my way around, although I am a recluse, I might make an exception to help out another trader. :cool:
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    I just bought a place in Tampa. But my plan is to eventually buy a place in Key West. To me it seems like a perfect place to trade. Very Relaxing. I just have to start trading better if i plan to be able to afford anything down there. " ISLAND TIME"
    Welcome to Paradise mighty trader! You may now enjoy the "crystal blue persuasion" a.k.a. the gulf of mexico. I am certain before your finished, you will purchase an entire key, and have it evacuated for your personal enjoyment! I kinda figure if i had your money, i could burn mine! I am glad you made it to florida, and again welcome my friend. I had sent you a pm, but your mail box was full, and i lost what i wrote, so i never knew if you got it or not.

    Hand Salute,
    Sir Michael
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    yeah, go head, if you one of them-*-
  9. I have received both your pm notes. Again this time when I try to send a reply or a new pm, I get a message which says your mail box is full. I have sent other pm to others with no problem, so I"m out of ideas here.:mad: :confused: :eek:

    Maybe some one reading this dumb ass post of mine will kindly tell me what the hell I'm maybe doing wrong?:D

    P.S. You claim your mail box is never full, so maybe there is a glitch on your end?
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    So the traders are there but just not in the Winter. Key West really seems like a great place to trade. It is so laid back. It is hard to belive there are not tons of traders down there. I would love to get in touch with some traders in the Keys..just to see how they like it. And what kinda place it would be to live. Is it the type of place you would want to raise children? Seems like a perfect place to trade....Reduce the stress involved with trading
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