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  1. I have found that 9:50, 10:10 and 10:30 are three good time periods to watch for market reversals. However I have never found any reliable time periods after 10:30. Do any such time periods exist? Thanks
  2. Yes the close is good too... stocks often run hard and fast then.
  3. Time periods ( not written in stone )....
    9:50- 10:10
    10:25- 10:35
    1:30- 1:45
    3:00- 3:15
    3:30- 3:40
  4. for those with a fast trigger finger, there is often a small reversal in individual stocks about 3 minutes into the day
  5. Whould this reversal @ 3 min have to do with the way the specialist runs his operation? Or is this also for level II?
  6. Barbarian-yes!!! exactly what i was looking for. THANKS
  7. In the end, message boards like ET will survive not due to vendors, or their critics, but by those who are learning, those willing to learn, and those who have learned, and are wiling to share for they remember what it was like to be learning.

    I am learning, and still find ET extremely valuable.

    Well wishes of prosperity and health to you.
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    survive "in spite" of vendors and their critics...

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  9. oneway


    I find generally any time your in the market is critical, at least from a management perspective...but more to your question.

    There are some very interesting studies concerning Fibonacci ordinals in ordinal time frames.

    Of course you are aware of the Fibonacci ordianl growth sequence: ...1 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233.....and so on.

    And its dirivitive ratios : .382 .618 1.618 2.618....

    There are points in the day where by a Fib ordinal period is closeing concurrently with another Fib ordinal period, and both of the sum counts of those periodicity are Fib ordinals.

    An example is 13 and 21. At 2:03 every afternoon the thirteenth 21 minute period expires as well as the twenty first 13 Minute period. This point in the day, frequently refered to as the end of the Dead Zone, often is a turning point or break from consolidation. More common the later than the former.

    There are times when 3 5 8 13 21 minute periods are in there reverse ordinal count: 21 13 8 5 3. They will close concurrently or nearly so. Happens twice a day. Can you tell me when?

    I have written a computer program that tracks all of this automatically.

    If you would like a free copy of the program just email me.

    Scott Whitney
    Antares Equity LLC
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