Key Reversal

Discussion in 'Trading' started by no_pm_please, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. good song.
  2. Banks crashing and Chip Stocls looking EXHAUSTED.

    Not a good sign for the market.
    Everything going out on the lows.

    Looks like a close below the 10-Day in the S&P Futures as well.

  3. doublea


    Look at the DOW daily chart.

    5/29/03 was a true reversal day too but DOW went up 650 pts. before any retracement.

    7/25/03 was another TRD but DOW went down about 300 points.

    I don't know what to make out of this market. For a TRD to be more valid I think it has to be confirmed by volume. The volume was very light.

    I think we might go down to about 9126 and then to 9900.

    Too bad it's Friday today, we'll have to wait 2 freaking days to find out whether or not today's TRD is valid.
  4. LouieR


    Cool tune :)
  5. simstim


    is that your tune no_pm? if i remember correctly, you're a musician. :) cool song regardless.
  6. doublea


    We might be headed to 9900. Late day reversal seems strong.
  7. possibly just eom window dressing
  8. doublea


    Target reached. Pullback to 9550.