Kewl TWS feature you may not be aware of...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bungrider, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. gotta take a shit? doorbell ringing? girlfriend pestering you?

    that number is coming out in a few minutes and you want to be ready for the rip after it comes now that the doorbell is ringing you have to cancel any open orders and then re-create them...what a pain!

    but not anymore!

    right click any open orders and select "Deactivate" to pause your order...

    it gets cancelled but the order line is still intact.

    all you have to do to reactvate it is to hit transmit again...

    (thx IB for implementing was something i wanted to see for a while)
  2. mktman


    Now you know why sooo much connection troubles with IB over past months.


    They been pausing their system.


  3. ...well some of us have been so upset with TWS that IB is now only my "backup" system and I am still thinking of dropping it from that "backup' slot due to it's erractic quotes and total dropping of my connection, (and NO it is not my ISP) has been getting nothing but worse especially the last 4 months...goodby IB.

    Sometimes "you get what you pay for" and never a truer statement was said when talking about IB.
  4. ...if I may ask, what broker are you going to switch to? Always looking for something better.
  5. eurextrdr , where are you trading from? I see none of the problems you mention and I'm watching ES + stocks all day.

    I see the same global outages everyone else sees, but not problems with quotes or dropping my personal connection.
  6. Wow... a thread laced with IB bashing, yet no one took the time to thank Bungrider for the heads up on a great feature. As a prolific canceller, I will definitely be using and appreciating this.
  7. bungrider, kewl discovery... :D
  8. alanm


    It's a neat feature, but they stopped short, if you have as many orders working as I do.

    What was wrong with adding Order->Deactivate All, Order->Deactivate Page (with hotkeys), and allowing you to multi-select orders to de-activate?

    Saving your Pending page as a basket, doing a cancel all, and then reloading the basket seems to be a better solution for more than just a few orders.
  9. It is a very nice feature I didn't notice.

    It's also HOT KEY Enabled! I assigned it to the PAUSE key. :D
  10. fuckin' A, man!

    i did not know that...

    (both 'big lebowski' quotes, by the way)
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