Kevin Haggerty's Trading With The Generals Video Course

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    Has any taken any courses from Kevin Haggerty? Any opinions about his methods, etc.? has this $1500 video course for sale. The price sounds a bit steep.

    Anyone accessed his online "5 Week Day Trading Course" on If so, what are your comments on it? Does it cover all the same material as his video course?

    I know.... a lot of questions.

    I stumbled onto this site last night, and I think it is a great resource. Many thoughtful answers, and helpful people. I had just told my husband that I needed people to "bounce" ideas off, and it looks like I found the place to be!

  2. I can't say about the complete course but I bought an audio tape and booklet called "Intraday Trading Tree" by him. The information was good but it was poorly put together. I do like the the TradingMarkets site in general though.
  3. never taken the course, but tradingmarkets is amazing in general, and definately worth the yearly fee. I would assume that the course is probably worth it as well. Look for a cheaper copy that is used though.
  4. I would also strongly recommend a subscription to --------- Superb commentary, several very useful proprietary indicators and great message boards, very active during the trading day. Haggerty is a brilliant technician and demon daytrader, but he takes some getting used to as a writer and speaker ----- his expositions are not always linear and direct, and he tends to speak in shorthand ---- meaning you have to fill in the blanks yourself. You need to go over his material several times before it truly sinks in, but it's worth the effort in my experience.
  5. Bow

    I saw Kevin Haggertys course advertised on Ebay for 300 bucks.

    Check it out!!

  6. MBowdon


    Thanks everyone for your feedback. What a great site & wonderful contributers!

    This should probably be a separate thread, but for those of you who recommended site, is the Live Trader's Wire worth the extra $200 per year? (I do plan on trading intraday data.)

    Thanks again.

  7. Definately. When I used to use it, I would take 2-5k a month from setups on it. I no longer use it however, but it is worth it.
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    I am intrigued, you say the service is definatley worth it, but you no longer subscribe to it. Could you see your way to filling in the blanks for me here? Obliged.

  9. One thing I liked about it was Traderswire (I think it was called) it was always picking setups and letting you know when the programs were kicking in. I wasn't good enough to use it back then but will likely start again if I keep making good trades.

    Does anyone else have a realtime notification on the program buying and selling?
  10. so is the course worth the $1500 or is it just better to go over his 5 week course on TM??
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