Kevin Haggerty Sequence Trading CD ROM for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by steve0617, May 11, 2004.

  1. Bought for myself. It's great for Kevin's stuff but it's not my speed. Retails for $795 on
  2. What's with that weird redirect? Why not just post the ebay URL?
  3. Posted the ebay link initially but when it previewed, one of the parts of the link was turned into an emoticon. Forgot how to lock the link so the system wouldn't convert it.. So, tinyurl'd the links...
  4. I hadn't heard of it. I thought it was some weird tracking thing.

  5. Nahh, just takes really long links and shrinks 'em down to be able to email them without worrying about AOL or somesuch cutting off/destroying the link... Nice little freebie website. I'm sure somebody's getting paid somewhere, but it works for what I need.
  6. Sorry to bring this up on your classified, but this is as good as place to as any, I guess. I've been reading his commentary on Trading Markets for three years and I can honestly say I have no idea what he is ever talking about. Does anyone else have this problem?