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  1. KERX
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  2. balda


    looks like it wants to go forward.
  3. I know.
  4. On daily chart look for 12-12 for possible reversal. Important price level will be established on 12-01 around 11;30est.
  5. Oddtrader and Balda --

    KERX caught my attention simply because it's coiled up so tight. Thought I'd just see whether it pops or not. CEO will be holding forth at a conference tomorrow, the company's drugs are looking fairly good, report coming up in December (I think), blah, blah, blah.

    Sure, it could meander for another 6 months, too. But I won't be watching for that long.:D

    I should have added an explanation in the first place. My apologies.

    Walther --

    The best of luck with your prediction.
  6. balda


    Compare it to the market for last 30 days.
    Market went up and Kerx was....
  7. balda


    I like stocks that look like

  8. balda --

    Oh, sure, no doubt about it. The market woke up and KERX fell asleep. That's plain as pie. The market was clealry directional, KERX was clearly consolidating. :D

    Who knows what the market will do tomorrow; who knows what KERX will do? But there's a point where sideways morphs into up or down, no? And where very quiet changes into, well, something a little more spunky -- in which case I'll be watching.
  9. TIE is a good-looking chart if I ever saw one. I had to chuckle when I opened it because there was a notation on it.

    So yes, if you care to comment further on TIE, I'd be very interested to hear what you have to say. Take about textbook trends!
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  10. balda


    I wait for market to bottom than scan for stocks that near its 52 week high and try to hand pick a few. I like to buy strongest at right time. And there are some other things I look for. To me stock trading is about selection and I mostly trade one set up break out break down.
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