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  2. I wonder what happened to their relationship with T3.. Sounds like SMB will now back successful traders. I wonder how many they gave back their 'training money' when they made the switch to backing traders. I would assume if you paid for training, then they moved to this biz model most of those people wouldn't make the cut to be backed. First it was just SMB, then they went with T3, now here, what's goin on there? Why can't they just get a B/D?
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    Great question. Any smart securities attorneys want to chime in ?
  4. Smb isn't backing anyone, they don't have the funds for that. Kershner is backing everyone, including them. They will be providing "education" and "management." They are likely just like 90% of the managers everywhere else who were able to make money 10 yrs ago and have since trade 500 share lots and spend the majority of their time making power point slides teaching new traders their strategies that haven't worked in 10 years.
  5. I hear you bro.

  6. Total newbie question, what's in it for Kershner? As far as not backing themselves, what do you mean by this? I took a look at SMB seriously at one time because they pushed the fact that you would get an experienced mentor. I think found out these mentors have only been trading for a few years, which I thought was ok thinking maybe they train you so well that a few years is good. Then I asked for track records of their mentors, and they wouldn't give them up. When I visited their firm, I noticed that the heads of SMB did a lot of volume, 30k shs in one position but their gross P&L was only up a few hundred, I assumed the principles probably traded for free so they didn't care, but after that it just rubbed me the wrong way, but maybe the traders do really well there?
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    Everyone please be advised of the issues regarding the co-mingling and convolution and distortions between "training" funds and "trading" funds and some possible regulatory implications. There has been some recent CFTC enforcement actions on this front with other "education" firms. Look at the NFA website enforcement actions for the past couple years.
  8. Yeah, what do people think of this? What do people know of either firm? How are they doing? What's their tech like?