Kershner trading is bad?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by econometrics, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. what do you say?
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    it's a good firm.

    look, they

    1. train you. if you don't know how to trade, what else could you ask for? you will learn from senior traders, it couldn't get better than that.

    2. they provide capital. seriously, need i say more?

    the only thing is their payout initially is 35%, then you move to 50%.
    But here's the thing, consider this as sort of a job. 35% payout is still high. Then 50%. with them taking all the risk, i think it is more than justified.

    You won't have a base salary, but so what, after a few months, you would be doing more than just paying bills.
  3. I think Kershner is one of the few (the only?) choice for Texans. If I move back to Austin with some cash under my belt I think I will give them a try.

    The software they use has gotten mixed reviews but the reviews are all very old and Austin has no lack of computer programmers so it could be an incredible platform for all I know.

    And is this the same economotrics on Thinkorswim chat? :)

    35% or 50% are not high by any means. But for the only choice for Texans that might be justifiable.

    They also require a series 7 so be ready to go through that process.
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    What is the average income like at Kershner? I am just learing about Trading and am a newbie deciding if I want to go through the Kershner training program, etc, but would like to know more details about an everage day, number of trades you have to make and how a person is paid?

    Do all the traders that work there have the same opportunities to make a great income or do you pretty much just work when you want and it's up to the individual to make his maximum potential. I just don't understand why 1 trader can make $200K and another trader only makes $75K during the same year. Can anyone educate me please?

  5. Definitely go to a place that has good training. When I traded in an office the 80/20 rule applied. Approx 20% of the traders in that office made 80% of the money. In a market this good you will see extremes. Some making 5 even 6 figs in a day while others are struggling to avg $100/day. Find a good mentor who is willing to show you the ropes and help you progress. I suggest you figure out which firm you want to go with and get going as a market this good won't last forever. Good Luck.
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    quite different style with swift trade who has so much more branch.

    wonder kershner is remote or office based ?

    any deposit is required ?

    who actually paid the fund ?

  7. Some updated info regarding Kershner Trading:

    They no longer require Series 7/63/55 as of late 2008

    Trader payout starts at 45% and max at 50%, although commissions have been reduced drastically

    There is no base salary, ie if you trade for 2 years and never become consistently profitable, you'll never receive a paycheck

    The coaching system is hit or miss. There are a few select coaches that are willing to help you grow as a trader, but there are many more coaches who expect you to figure everything out yourself, like they did