Kershner trading in Austin, TX

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dsully, May 10, 2007.

  1. dsully


    Has anyone worked at Kershner or hear anything about this group?

    Read on their website that they are big on "team" trading. Any insight would be much appreciated as I am moving to Austin and wanted to get some info. before I called on them. Thanks.
  2. I know Kershner trading....they are owned by Don Kershner...they have rock concerts in the office every friday night around midnight....Sabbath, dead, know all the classics
  3. Surdo


    When the guy trading next to you blows up, I guess you have to take one for "the team"!

    el surdo
  4. timcar


    It looks like at Kershner Trading Group they hire YOU and then hope like heck YOU can make them money. In return they will give YOU back a portion of the trading profits that YOU made them. A percentage amount to be determined at a latter date.