Kerry's wife pays less taxes then you!

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    Kerry's Wife Pays Less Taxes Than Median Family

    For a long time Steve Forbes has been advocating a flat tax. He says this is the only way to make sure the rich pay their fair share of taxes due Uncle Sam.

    Now we know why Steve Forbes wants the flat tax. Wealthy individuals such as Teresa Heinz Kerry pay less in taxes, proportionately, than does the median U.S. family.

    This fact was illustrated to us by a NewsMax reader, Robert Clay of California.

    Mr. Clay writes:

    "According to HUD, the median family income for the U.S. for 2003 was $56,500. After applying the standard deduction of $9,500 for married filing jointly we end up with a taxable income of $47,000. This puts the average family in the 15 percent tax bracket. Kerry's wife, using tax shelters, managed to pay only an effective federal tax rate of 11.5 percent, compared with the top federal income tax rate of 35 percent. She paid $587,000 on an income of $5.1M.

    "If Kerry wants the rich to pay more he should start with his wife."

    Despite the release of partial financial information, John and Teresa Kerry have not explained why, if it's so important for the evil rich to pay more taxes, they didn't add a voluntary addition to their check to the IRS.
  2. uh oh....don't have a heart attack mav, but we agree 100% on this one, she is the ultimate limousine liberal. and you better get used to it, because she is GOING to be your first lady in about 8 months.
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    You don't think it's because she was married to Republican Senator John Heinz for 25 years and learned all the tricks there about underpaying her fair share? Wonder what percent of their gross other noble Republicans pay like Ken Lay, Dick Cheney, George Bush prior to becoming President, etc. etc. Somehow I think that's more of a I'm-Rich-and-Therefore-I'm-Entitled thing rather than a political affiliation. BTW, did Teresa Heinz Kerry call for less tax-cuts for the rich, or was that a John Kerry thing that you're mistakenly extrapolating to his wife so that you can find something else to blame him for (and start yet another thread)?
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    Well since Kerry's living/running on her dime....he should take the heat. Hell everyone knows he only married her for her money. He's been a social climbing conniver his whole life.
  5. how does she use tax shelters? like how can she pay only 11.5% legally????

  6. that is only federal income tax. she gets wacked paying social security taxes.

    surfer :D

  7. write offs. however, they do not help you with social security tax.

  8. can she write off the 3 SUV's???
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    Marketsurfer, do have any idea how easy it is to not pay social security taxes? Very easy to get around that. She doesn't pay a dime on that I'll tell you that much.
  10. Oh, so you're connected and know the inner workings of their marriage. Enlighten us further.

    This thread is ridiculous. What else can you expect of Mav. Regardless of one's views on tax policy, people of all political stripes will arrange thier affairs to minimize thier tax burden.

    Mr. Clay did not say whether the 5.1 million income was gross or adjusted gross. Effective tax rates are based gross, not adjusted gross. If she gave 3.5 million to charity, then her 500k federal tax is about 33% of adjusted.

    To add that Mr. Kerry did not explain why he didn't volunteer more money to the Treasury is absurd. No one has to explain why he doesn't pay more than his obligation.
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