Kerry wins Iowa, how will market react

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Winston, Jan 19, 2004.

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    I would think this is bad news for market, although a long way to go, but everyone thought Dean had it and no way he was going to beat Bush. Now comes the Kerry upset. I'm from Boston and don't think this clown has a chance but .....
  2. You kidding me? This is a strong Dem candidate who will beat Bush out to hell. A good thing about Dems is that they bring us real jobs rather than fucking tax cut money to poor fellas just enough for a few doses. But rich people save the money in banks or invest in the stocks rather than investing in hiring.

    It's a bad news for Bush. Good news for labors. For the market, well, if it is controlled by the pro Bush. Opposite to what they did in the past year, it may drop tomorrow.
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    Can we save the pinko talk for chit chat. Looking for market reaction prediction.:D
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    Did you know, when rich people invest in "stocks", these stocks represent "companies". When companies grow through investment, this means more jobs. =)

    But you knew that right?
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    I think the market will move upward. Dean was pretty far to the left. The market doesn't respond well to extremists in either direction. Despite everything, businesses and the average joe blow look for moderation. That is going to be reflected in the market although I think there will still be some hesitation until after New Hampshire.
  6. Don't try on that one. He's gone.
  7. Kerry wins Iowa will likely be a non event for the market.

    However, the market seems due a pullback larger than just a blip on the screen. But it doesn't have to.

    I would think that we are within days of a decent pullback. Maybe tomorrow - maybe a week or two.
  8. What's wrong with Kerry?
  9. Kerry..and Clark (his VP chioce) are the ITEM.....who else would you trust in a wartime era instead of Bush.

    Dems have no other way to win..period

    These 2 vets have a lock on the ticket; both combat vet's...

    Bush will take the SP to about 1325 + to win....if you don't beleive this is rigged; then you might be lost.

  10. This means nothing to the markets.. its WAY too early to tell anything.. Kerry cant beat bush.. none of the dwarfs can unless there is another 9-11 between now and election..

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