Kerry says "fear of guns" keeping foreign students away from U.S. schools"

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    " Kerry says "fear of guns" keeping foreign students away from U.S. schools"

    And the problem with that is...?
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    I'm still in stunned disbelief he's even in his current position.
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    Told ya' he was a buffoon.
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    I knew that in 2003.
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  6. LOL.

    My sentiments exactly.

    I think a lot of what's wrong with higher education could be remedied by ending federal support, both tuition and the research grant slush funds. If students and their families actually had to scrape together the money, they might take it a little more seriously. If universities had to earn their way by actually educating students, they would be a lot more serious.
  7. "...., particularly from Japan, to study in the United States,

    Japanese men are afraid of pussy, I'm not surprised they are afraid of guns.

    "But today, Japan has seen an increase in “Herbivorous Men”. These men do not actively seek women or sex and display many feminine traits."

    "•Sex. In a 2001 survey, condom maker Durex found that Japan ranked dead last among 28 countries in the frequency of sex: The average Japanese had sex just 36 times a year. Hong Kong was next to last with 63. (Americans ranked No. 1 at 124 times a year.)" (fyi, I do what i can to keep the numbers up (yuk yuk) here in the US of A):cool:
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    If public education had to live and die by their theories and get their money by winning debates, evolution as explanation for origins would go away very quickly. People don't get that. It wins by massive funding, complete ownership of the debate venue and sweeping all evidence that contradicts the theory right under the rug.
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    Unreal! Kerry should have been tried years ago and hanged as he's a traitor!:mad:

    Gotta love the "change" the "free" ice cream leaches voted for!:mad: :mad: :mad: We either stop this shit now, or become total sheep. It's that simple folks... Do I need to get out some crayons, and draw some pics of what we're gonna become if we don't act now?:eek:
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