Kerry Promises to Create 10 Million Jobs

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  1. And what grand plans does Kerry have in order to accomplish this? First, he'll eliminate incentives to outsource jobs overseas (estimated at $12B a year), and secondly, he'll lower the corporate tax rate by 2 percentage points (from 35% ro 33.25%).

    What the fu--? In a $10 trillion economy with over 130 million people employed, these are the only things he can propose to stimulate job growth? This is one of the first major policy proposals that he's given to improve the economy, and it's honestly laughable.

    What do you think?
  2. A DEMOCRAT actually lowering the Corporate Tax Rate???

    Wow, what will Maverick and Beltway have to say about this!

  3. That he's lying, of course. I'm sure it will be tied to requirements that they do this or that. A liberal can't stand the idea of just lowering taxes. They view it as just giving away the government's money.
  4. Corporate taxes contributed roughly $150 billion to federal receipts last year. Based on that number, Kerry's tax cut would inject a whopping $7.5B into the economy. If you offset that from the $12B loophole that Kerry would close in outsourcing incentives, he's actually proposing a net $4.5B tax increase! And he's pushing his plan as a tax cut! Amazing. Just amazing.
  5. I prefer to give the money away to Americans over Iraqis.

  6. The opposite of republican is democrat. The opposite of liberal is reactionary! Nuff said. You know what you really are. How can anyone defend a piece of shit like Bush.
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    I agree with AAA. LOL. He's lying for one. And two, that tax break is coming at the expense of small businesses and entrepreneurs who will see their taxes increase along with increased regulation. That's right soccer mom, no more home business for you, Kerry wants you to go to work and get a nanny for the kids.
  8. How can you go broke paying slightly higher taxes on income above $200K?

    Let alone the fact that they'll pay same taxes they paid 4 years ago and did just fine then.
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    No, a lot of the tax breaks that small businesses and at home workers depended on to earn a living will be removed. He has made this very clear. Also with increased regulation for small businesses it will be harder to start and operate a small business and more costly.

    Democrats hate small business owners and entrepreneurs. It goes against everything they believe in. They would rather have you join a union or be on a payroll where they can control and manipulate your life. Independent people don't need the government or government benefits. Democrats want to keep everyone on a very short leash where they can watch them.
  10. Oh, I am sorry, I thought we were talking about Kerry's economic plan, I did not realize you were sharing your hallucinations, nightmares and obsessions.

    Just in unlikely case you wanted to know about Kerry's economic plan he did not say a word about removing tax breaks for small businesses.
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