Kerry Preached War Against Iraq When Clinton Was Prez

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    Excerpts from a CNN Crossfire interveiw with John Sununu onNov. 12, 1997

    Kerry said it was clear the U.S. did not need allies nor the U.N. to force its will on Iraq.

    "The administration is leading." said Kerry. "The administration is making it clear that they don't believe that they even need the U.N. Security Council to sign off on a material breach because the finding of material breach was made by Mr. (Richard) Butler. So furthermore, I think the United States has always reserved the right and will reserve the right to act in its best interests. And clearly it is not just our best interests, it is in the best interests of the world to make it clear to Saddam Hussein that he's not going to get away with a breach of the '91 agreement that he's got to live up to, which is allowing inspections and dismantling his weapons and allowing us to know that he has dismantled his weapons. That's the price he pays for invading Kuwait and starting a war."

    Kerry blamed France's objections to force against Iraq on monetary interests.

    "The fact is that over a period of time France and Russia have indicated a monetary interest," he said. "They on their own have indicated the desire to do business. That's what's driving this. I mean, as (The New York Times') Tom Friedman said in a great article the other day, France Inc. wants to do business with oil and they are moving in the exact sort of opposite direction on their own from the very cause of the initial conflict, which was oil."

    Kerry made clear that the move against Iraq was about more than weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's efforts to back out of its agreements. He also left no doubt he was talking about war.

    "This is not just a minor confrontation," said Kerry. "This is a very significant issue about the balance of power, about the future stability of the Middle East, about all of what we have thus far invested in the prior war and what may happen in the future."

    Kerry, who now boasts about the support he has from other nations around the world, was particularly tough on France in his comments urging force in Iraq. He said the Clinton administration did all it could behind the scenes to pull France into agreement.

    "It's not the first time France has been very difficult. ... " he said. "I think a lot of us are very disappointed that the French haven't joined us in a number of other efforts with respect to China, with respect to other issues in Asia and elsewhere and also in Europe. These are, this is a disappointment. But the fact is this. The president has, in effect, put military action on the table. Secretary (Richard) Cohen canceled his trip, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff canceled a trip, troops are deployed, the aircraft carriers are being brandished. There's no misunderstanding here about where the United States is prepared to go and I think that people need to just sort of back off. It's funny how in Washington inevitably there are always distinctions to be found, even if they're only at the margins here, and I would suggest that if all we're doing is suggesting that the president needs to be doing some diplomacy behind-the-scenes, that's not a bad criticism because he's obviously doing that behind the scenes."
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    Bump for Bung.:)
  3. See, Kerry's not french, Kerry doesn't like the french, Kerry's strong on defense.

    Vote Kerry '04!

    :) :)
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    Someone give Pabst a cookie! Great post. The hypocrisy on the left is so funny, it's sad. Kerry is the biggest phony of them yet. The world will find out what a flake he is all in due time. Bush has enough money to get all the goods on him. It will be fun to watch.
  5. although i'm voting libertarian, i'd rather have bush win than kerry..even if bush is a religious loony.
  6. :D Great post. Just saw this now. Have a busy day today, will look into this more later. Can't say I disagree with any of it. (I've said before that when Bush is sent back to Texas in 11/04, I'll be more than happy to harass whoever's next).

    Check this one out - just came out on CNN NEW YORK (CNN) -- John Kerry's combat experience in Vietnam is central to his bid to become the next commander-in-chief, but Kerry's outspoken opposition to that war drew the personal attention of the president of the United States and FBI agents 33 years ago, documents reviewed by CNN reveal.
  7. Can you verify this with a web link or other source.
  8. Shows two things about Kerry: (1) That he truly is a flip-flopper, and (2) That he loves to talk big when he knows that under Clinton nothing's gonna come of it.
  9. Well, shows two things about your views too:
    1. Bush can do no wrong.
    2. Kerry can do no right.

    Talk about open-minded!
  10. I disagree with Bush on a number of decisions (e.g., Medicare, same-sex marriages), though on balance I prefer his platform much more than Kerry's. As far as Kerry's concerned, until he comes out with some serious policy proposals on growing the economy and stopping terrorism, I can't see anything positive about him.
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