Kerry/McCain Vrs. Bush/Cheney???

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  1. Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry's VP
    Wed Mar 10, 1:01 PM ET

    WASHINGTON - Republican Sen. John McCain allowed a glimmer of hope Wednesday for Democrats fantasizing about a bipartisan dream team to defeat President Bush (news - web sites).

    McCain said he would consider the unorthodox step of running for vice president on the Democratic ticket — in the unlikely event he received such an offer from the presidential candidate.

    "John Kerry (news - web sites) is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years," McCain said Wednesday when pressed to squelch speculation about a Kerry-McCain ticket. "Obviously I would entertain it."

    But McCain emphasized how unlikely the whole idea was.

    "It's impossible to imagine the Democratic Party seeking a pro-life, free-trading, non-protectionist, deficit hawk," the Arizona senator told ABC's "Good Morning America" during an interview about illegal steroid use. "They'd have to be taking some steroids, I think, in order to let that happen."

    McCain gained a reputation as a party maverick who appeals to independent voters during his 2000 race against Bush for the Republican nomination. This year, McCain has campaigned for the president and said he would continue to do so.

    Unlike some other Republican senators, he hasn't railed against Kerry, a fellow Vietnam veteran. McCain called the Kerry-Bush contest "the nastiest campaign so far that we have seen" and said he preferred campaigning for candidates instead of against their opponents.
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    Mark my words, it will never happen!
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    Oh and if you want to talk about rumors, rumor has it that Guliani is going to be the running mate for Bush this time around. A Bush/Guliani ticket would be very hard to beat. Rudy is very much a moderate and a 9/11 hero that will never be forgotten.
  4. I saw on FOX News (so it must be true LOL) that Tom Brokaw was a possibility as a running mate for Kerry.

    Talk about a "recognition factor".

    When Walter Cronkite was still on the air, he was (according to polls) the "most trusted man in America". I wonder if that kind of trust would be a factor with a guy like Brokaw. ???

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    That will never happen either. They throw the Brokaw rumor out all the time. Tom won't do it for a few reasons, the most important being the separation between journalism and politics. In other words, it would take away a lot of the credibility he has worked an entire lifetime creating. But it's fun to throw his name around. And btw, Fox didn't break the Brokaw rumor, Matt Drudge did.
  6. Maverick, why the adversarial tone? I did not say that Fox broke the story. All I said is that is where I heard it.

    As for the separation between journalism and politics, gee....I thought it was YOU who said the press is "liberal".

    Besides, Brokaw is (according to FOX, and therefore, I suppose according to Drudge as well) planning on retiring anyway. Where does a journalist go from being the NBC anchor? He's been a front guy forever. I doubt he would want to be a news producer. Why not a politician?

    Not that it matters. No matter who runs, Bush is DONE! Look around Maverick. What has this guy accomplished?

    Americans are NOT that naive. And even if they are, the fact will be hammered into the American consciousness during the campaign that Bush spent virtually his entire Presidency taking vacations until 9/11. The man DID NOT WORK!

    Even on 9/11, while we were under attack, he walks into a second grade classroom for a photo op? I mean really think this man is the right man to be in the Oval office???????

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    Yes the press is liberal but Tom has spent an entire career trying to be an objective journalist. Running as the VP on a democratic ticket would not sit well with a lot of people. What is Tom going to do? I think Tom is going back to SD. My dad went to school with him and knew him well. I could see Tom maybe one day running for the SD Senate seat or even Governor. But not for a few years.

    As far as Bush not working. Come on RS, look, the President works more hours then you can imagine. And I'm not talking about just Bush but even Clinton. It really is a 24/7 job. Not that that means anything.

    On 9/11 George Bush had a pre-arranged visit with a kindergarten class. When he heard about the news he was in the middle of reading a book to a young child. Rather then become panicked and disoriented, he calmly finished reading the chapter and left the room to get briefed on what happened. Minutes later he gave a press conference. And I have to say RS, he looked pretty damn Presidential. Maybe you are not as honest as I am but if it were me, I would have been peeing down my right pant leg. I'm not sure I could keep my voice from cracking and look very confident, but somehow Bush did. I could not see any fear in that man's eyes. All I saw was anger. I knew then that Bush would not let this deed go unpunished. Hats off to our great leader.
  8. Won't happen. Rudy doesn't play second fiddle to anybody.
  9. Re: Brokaw...Why would it matter if it "didn't sit well with a lot of people"? If he has political aspirations, why wait?

    Clinton was a workaholic. How can you compare these two guys?

    As far as 9/11, I hope you are not serious. But even more, I hope you are not correct. Bush indeed had a pre-arranged visit with a class (I thought it was a second grade said kindergarten...whatever). But why did he go into that class? Four American passenger jet aircraft were simultaneously hijacked. Within moments, the FAA, NORAD, the FBI and the Secret Service were aware of this. This was almost an HOUR before the second Tower was hit and Bush's aide whispered this in his ear in the classroom. So what you are saying is that

    A: Bush DID NOT KNOW WE WERE UNDER ATTACK, which is scary.


    B: Bush DID KNOW WE WERE UNDER ATTACK but figured it was more important to make his scheduled appearance in that classroom. (which is MORE scary).

    So which was it? It's easy to understand why they did not awaken Reagan, but Bush? He's a young and VERY healthy man. And he was awake anyway:)

    I am glad you can keep your sense of humor!!!! :D:D:D

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    RS, I think you are mistaken about the order of events. He was with the class while the attacking was taken place i.e when the first tower was hit. He was told immediately while he was with the children. He spent maybe another 2 minutes finishing the chapter he was reading. Two freaking minutes!!!!!!!!! OK? Then he quietly left the room so the children wouldn't be startled by the event and then he immediately held a press briefing. My God RS, I cannot believe you are even bring this up. Even the democrats at the time applauded how Bush handled himself. That's right, the democrats including both Al Gore and Bill Clinton!

    You know you seem to sound like a really tough guy. I would love to see you under pressure. I would love to see the look on your face if you walked into your home with your wife being raped at gunpoint. See, we all talk smack when we can drive from the back seat, but it's a little different when the pressure is on you. How the f*ck would you react if you were just going about your day like any other, and you have been President for all of 9 months and suddenly while reading a book to a child a secret service agent whispers in your ear, Mr. President, the United States is under attack. Those words have not been said in this country since Dec 7th, 1941. What would you do RS? Huh? What would you do? Oh yeah, you would be really calm and collective. Yeah I bet. Whatever, your rhetoric is becoming boring.

    Oh and your buddy Bill Clinton was really busy in the white house. Oh yeah, so busy that he's got a 23 year old intern blowing him under the desk in the oval office. What a piece of scum that guy was. What a great husband and father. It's nice to see he has time for a quick blow job while being the most powerful man in the world.
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